Residential Movers

Written by Serena Berger
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Some companies specialize in residential moving, while others focus solely on corporate moving. There are other companies that are prepared to do both. If what you want is a household move, there is no inherent or absolute reason to opt for a company that specializes in residential moves or one that can handle residential and business clients.

The Importance of Trust with a Moving Company

The mover you choose comes down to a matter of whom you trust. You should feel comfortable with your movers. These are people who are going to come into your home(s), handle your belongings, and interact with your family.

You have the right to expect someone to listen to all of your concerns and answer all of your questions. In turn, once you have verified that other clients have been satisfied with the services of the company, you do have to be prepared to defer to some of their suggestions. You will find that the right mover for you has great advice to offer about everything from packing to dealing with the super of your building, and you should be glad of this resource, even if it requires slight modifications of some of your own instincts or tendencies.

You should be able to meet the foreperson of your moving crew before the day of the move. If you liked the company but did not like this person for any reason, you can ask for a new foreperson. One of the benefits of using a larger company is that there is more flexibility in personnel, so you have a greater chance of finding the right people to help you.

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