Residential Movers

Written by Linda Alexander
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When you change residences, whether it's across town or across the world, you might need the assistance of professional moving companies. There are different kinds of moving companies and a few things to know before hiring them. First, decide on what type of help you need. Then you can find the appropriate company to help you.

Do It Yourself Movers

Do it yourself movers are just that. You do everything yourself, from packing boxes to loading the truck to driving it to your new location. If you need storage in between, you will have to find that yourself, too. Many people take advantage of this option because it saves money. If you already have enough helpers and want more control over your belongings, do it yourself from start to finish.

Full service movers do everything for you. They handle packing, loading, and driving the truck, storage solutions if you need them, and unloading the truck at your new residence. Some will even help you unpack your stuff. You will save an enormous amount of time and this is a less stressful option, but it's also the most costly of the three.

A third type of mover is the self-service mover. This type of relocation service is a cross between the other two. With a self-service mover, you will do all the packing and loading of the truck, and the moving company will handle the transportation. If you have a small or medium move between states, this is a nice compromise. You will have control over packing your belongings, while allowing professionals to drive.

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