Self Moving

Written by Linda Alexander
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Moving yourself is the way to go when you live in a small apartment or want to save money. The first thing you will need is enough volunteers to help you move. Do not try to do it all yourself, unless you have no furniture. Lifting heavy armoires and dressers can put quite a strain on your back, no matter how strong you think you are.

Getting Friends to Help You Move

Promising food and drinks to your friends usually works to get them interested in helping you. Pizza, bagels, or a dinner out is enough payment for people who care about you. If they need a little more incentive, promise to return the favor the next time they move--then come through on your promise.. You could also hire a student or somebody looking to make extra money for a few hours worth of work.

When you move yourself, you will probably want to rent a moving truck, unless you already own a large truck or trailer. Rent a truck that is larger than you think you need, so you can move it all in one trip. It is best to get quotes from several moving companies. Ask when you need to reserve the truck, how much it will cost, where to pick it up, and just in case, what their cancellation policy is. Also ask about charges for mileage or fuel.

You might also want to ask the moving company about insurance. Some might require you to be covered under your own auto insurance policies, while others have options for you to buy more insurance in case of an accident. If you are looking for boxes and other packing supplies to help yourself move, you can usually purchase these through the same moving company where you rent your moving van.

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