Van Lines Ratings

Written by Tara Peris
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Van lines ratings can be obtained in many different ways, and smart customers will explore multiple avenues when choosing a mover. Ratings are a primary way to evaluate a potential moving company, and given the importance of your move, it is well worth the time to evaluate them carefully. In a market over-run with fraud, this is one of the best ways to protect yourself.

One way to obtain ratings is through the Better Business Bureau. Although companies pay to join their organization, they do retain some helpful and objective information. The best way to get it is to call the local BBB chapter and ask for specific information on your company, including number of complaints and how they were resolved.

Online Van Lines Ratings
Another way to obtain van lines ratings is to use the Internet. There are several consumer advocacy groups aimed at wiping out moving scam, and their sites typically have blacklists of fraudulent companies, as well as message boards where people can describe more favorable experiences. Check these out, but be aware that companies sometimes get online and recommend themselves, so this should only be one part of the rating process.

If you do a full screen of any company for DOT numbers, references, BBB standing, and blacklist status, you are likely to emerge with the most promising group of moving companies. No one will come through this screen without something that gives you pause, but choose those whose overall van lines ratings are best.

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