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One summer, just as my brothers and I had begun to relax into our three-month vacation, my mother got an idea into her head. She awoke early one morning, roused each of us in turn, and declared that this was the summer we would paint the house. I grew up in a large, white, colonial-style house in New England. Four novice painters could not hope to finish a project like this in under a month. It was a nightmare.

Fortunately, after the first two days of preparation, my mother became frustrated. By the end of the second day, she had put down her paint scraper, picked up the telephone, and called the local painting contractor. My brothers and I breathed sighs of relief. We learned that day what many people already understand--sometimes it makes sense to call for professional help.

Choosing a Local Painter
No matter what your region, from New England to Orange County, there are a great many professional painting contractors to be found. Deciding which one to use can seem like a huge challenge. There are, however, some basic rules that apply when hiring someone to renovate your house in any way.

First, be sure that they are properly licensed and are fully insured. Any renovation project, even applying a simple coat of paint, is likely to involve ladders and heavy equipment. To avoid costly repercussions from potential mishaps, it is vital that your contractor be covered by his or her own insurance.

Second, have a good idea of what your project entails. A realistic sense of timing and necessary materials will help you to negotiate a fair contract. Additionally, it can be helpful to get quotes from a few different home painters, as well as look up average project costs on the Internet. This will give you a good reference point for price range.

Hiring a professional to paint your home can have the added benefit of providing you with an impartial observer who happens to have the eye of an artist. When asked, most home painters are happy to give their opinion on paint color and design schemes. Their experience will come in handy, especially if you are a first time renovator.

Finding the Best Man or Woman for the Job
Many people look to their friends and loved ones for recommendations when choosing to hire a professional home painter. While this is often a good tactic, it can be the wrong decision for certain projects. After all, the person who beautifully painted your neighbor's living room may have absolutely no experience when it comes to painting a garage.

If you have decided that a professional painter is the key to your home renovation dreams, rest assured that the Internet is a wonderful place to begin your search. There are a great many listings of professional painters to be found, and a large percentage of painter's websites include testimonials, as well as photos and descriptions of past projects. A little time spent researching will most likely lead you to home painter who is just right for you.

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