Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are two distinct styles of Adirondack rocking chairs, the first being more rustic in appearance dating back to the Adirondack Mountains of the 1880s. Utilizing the traditional local white cedar of the area, The Old Adirondack Furniture Company manufactured rocking chairs with simple and graceful lines. These are perfect for sitting next to the fireplace or as decorative touches in greenhouses and outside porches.

The second Adirondack style is more modern in appearance and is very popular in New England states. This style began in the early 1900s and is based on the personal creation of one Thomas Lee, who took nail to cedar wood for the comfort of his family during one summer vacation. A carpenter friend of his, Harry Bunnell, recognizing how beautiful and comfortable his friend's chairs were, patented the look and design without Lee's permission.

That aside, modern furniture companies are thankful for Bunnell's addition to the world of wooden chairs. Adirondack rocking chairs are elegant and, with their high backs, gently sloping seats and wide armrests, are considered very comfortable. In addition to rocking chairs, there are many companies that make a variety of different lawn and beach furniture in the traditional white cedar Adirondack style.

Purchasing Adirondack Rocking Chairs through the Internet

Because they are so popular, homeowners often decide to purchase Adirondack rocking chairs through online shopping sources. Many online companies offer high quality furniture at discounted prices as well as free shipping and handling specials. If you are interested in purchasing through an online furniture store, be sure to ask about these special prices as well as warranty information.

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