Air Hockey Tables

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Air hockey tables are a great way to keep the kids occupied when everybody's outdoors. Well, to be honest, adults are pretty enamored of the game as well. A simple barbeque can turn into a heated tournament when an air hockey table is in the room.

Owning Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey tables are durable enough to sit outside, as long as you have a good plastic cover to put over it. We use ours in our closed-in back patio. It's a comfortable screened-in area. I was reluctant to get a table at first. It seemed like a lot of money, and I wasn't sure if we had the space. Now, it's like part of the family.

Think About It

Before buying air hockey tables or any large arcade-style game, think carefully. Sure, it's fun to play air hockey at the mall or pizzeria, but how often do you really play it? Even if you play several games every time you go, that's maybe 10 or 15 games a year. Now, think about the hundreds of dollars that a good air hockey table will cost.

Consider carefully if it is financially worth it to you and your family to invest in an air hockey table before you buy one. Then, if you decide you have the space, the money, and the desire for a table, look around for the best deal. Used tables in good condition can be bought for significant discounts. Since it is a big investment, don't just jump at the first table you see.

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