Written by Michael O'Brien
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There's no reason to have a well decorated backyard area if you're not going to barbeque. The best part of summer entertaining involves firing up the grill and smacking down some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. It's also a perfect way to grill up some vegetables. They're just as tasty; and their healthy too.

We knew we'd get a barbeque for the yard. The question for us was simply: Which barbeque to choose? There's so many different kinds now. We weren't sure if we should go for an electric or propane-powered, or stick with the classic charcoal barbeque.

Modern Barbeques

Propane barbeques run on gas and are really convenient. Dials make it easy to get the temperature just right. If you want to spend a little more, you can even get a built-in barbeque. Then it's just like having your kitchen outside.

Charcoal Barbeques

I like the classic charcoal barbeque. They're a little tough to clean, and there's some skill in getting the fire just right. That's what makes it fun though, and what makes the food taste so good. The classic style and taste is what makes the charcoal type of barbeque the perfect choice for outdoor entertaining.

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