Brass Rain Gauges

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are curious as to how much rain falls in your neighborhood, you may wish to add a few brass rain gauges to your garden's decor. These can be very simple or decorative, depending on the design. Their ultimate purpose, however, is to provide an easy way of knowing daily or monthly rain fall rates.

Brass rain gauges are basic in shape and are easy to install into any moist ground area. The basic idea is to properly hang a glass or plastic measuring tube so that rain drops are easily captured. This is done by attaching the tube to a long vertical pole made of brass and then staking the pole into the ground.

Decorative brass rain gauges are stylish and can be either polished in a verdigris (green) finish, or hand-painted in designer colors. The most popular ones feature small brass animals perched on the top of the pole, from butterflies, honeybees, dragonflies and birds. These are made to be a welcome addition to any yard, yet small enough to not interfere with the scientific process.

Placement of Brass Rain Gauges

You will want to put a rain gauge in an area which is uncovered and unencumbered by overhanging tree branches and bushes. Find an area of dirt or lawn that is strong enough to keep the pole in a vertical position, yet soft enough to allow full penetration. If there is any difficulties, consider surrounding the base of the pole with rocks or bricks for extra stability.

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