Camping Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the most overlooked of all pieces of camping equipment is the camping chair. Meant for the great outdoors, these collapsible and lightweight chairs can be brought along for the trip or kept in the backyard for outside gatherings. They provide much-needed relief from any uncomfortable rocks and logs that usually are the cause of numbness and discomfort!

Camping chairs come in many different styles and can be chosen for their durability, looks, comfort, or amenities. The modern camp chair features a strong metal frame that can be broken down and folded into a compact shape. This frame suspends a comfortable seat and back made of polyester or canvas, which sometimes feature headrests, footrests, cup holders and pockets.

Sometimes, camp chairs are designed with very specific needs in mind. For example, smaller-sized chairs are available for children who may not feel comfortable in an adult-sized one. Some outdoor chairs can be found with optional rocking chair fittings, or the ability to recline the entire frame backwards to put the seated person in a more restful position.

The Care and Cleanliness of Camping Chairs

Camping chairs can get quite dirty and weather-worn by the end of a long trip. It is important to purchase chairs that can be cleaned easily with a simple combination of soap and warm water. The most efficient outdoor chairs allow the fabric to be completely removed from the frame entirely and thrown into the washer. Look for chairs that are made of waterproof and multi-layered fabrics that are specifically manufactured to stand the test of rain, hail, snow, wind and other natural hazards.

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