Cast Aluminum Furniture

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Cast aluminum furniture? That was our reaction too. We had no idea they even made such patio furnishings, or how. Sure enough, cast aluminum is a very popular material used in patio furniture construction. It's also some of the most attractive and reliable.

Introduction to Cast Aluminum Furniture

Cast aluminum is molded into the shape of the furniture or accessories it is being used to create. The pits in the metal caused by the shaping implements are filled in using baked finisher. This makes the cast aluminum furniture smooth. The finisher is also strong enough so that it won't peel or rust when exposed to the outdoor elements.

Aluminum furniture is sturdy yet lightweight, which is exactly what you want in patio accessories. Everything from table and chair sets, bar sets, street lights, benches, lounge chairs, settees, and even serving carts and planters can be made with cast aluminum.

Strong Statement

Since furniture made of cast aluminum is so versatile, there is a huge selection of such items to choose from to match any backyard decorating style. The light weight also makes it easier to transport and move around, while still retaining the rugged sturdiness of metal. We've found cast aluminum to be a smart choice for outdoor furnishings.

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