Cedar Bird Feeders

Written by Sierra Rein
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Cedar bird feeders are a good option for people who wish to add an affordable yet fashionable touch to their garden or patio. Cedar wood is attractive, classic and easy to maintain. It is also an incredibly malleable species of wood and allows designers and artisans free reign to create any number of different styles to choose from.

Most bird feeders are hung from tree branches or under home awnings. They can be designed to imitate houses, gazebos or built like small thatched cubes. The simplest style of cedar bird feeders is shaped like a long tube topped on either end by cedar disks.

Cedar bird feeders are easy to maintain and can be kept outside for any length of time. What the owner chooses to place inside them depends largely on the specific types of birds living in the local area. The most popular are mixed grains and seeds, including corn, safflower seeds and sunflower kernels.

Decorative Cedar Bird Feeders Last All Year Long

Whether you hang one or several, cedar bird feeders are bound to last years of wear, safe from moisture and insects. Because the wood itself is so versatile, artists and pet supply manufacturers can go to great lengths to create some of the most beautiful feeders out of cedar. Great care is made to build elegant feeders designed to provide food to local birds as well as add a decorative touch to an outdoor garden.

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