Charcoal Barbeques

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There are so many kinds of barbeques from which to choose. There are very popular kinds that are electric or use propane gas. These are great modern conveniences, but the best way to grill is to use the old style charcoal barbeques.

Charcoal Barbeques: A Taste of Nostalgia

There are a lot of types of modern charcoal barbeques, which is great because they are contemporary, yet still have an old fashioned feel. Charcoal lends a rich, smoky flavor to everything that's grilled on it. The smell of a fired up charcoal barbeque always reminds me of backyard parties growing up.

My dad would always grill the juiciest, thickest burgers. My favorite part was when he melted the cheese on them right before they came off the grill. I also loved watching the hot dogs plump up as they cooked. He also added some flavor by grilling the buns just a touch.

The Art of Barbeque

Gas and electric grills are certainly easier to fire up. You just press a button, or turn a dial. Where's the fun in that, though? Part of the art of grilling is mastering how to control the fire so you can cook everything just right.

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