Collapsible Coolers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Collapsible coolers are ideal beverage and food containers and are designed for road trips, camping trips, and other forms of travel. Made with soft plastic or canvas fabric, they are meant to hold a constant internal temperature. This allows both hot and cold items to be kept at a healthy temperature for hours at a time.

Because they are collapsible, these coolers are perfect for car trips and business trips. One can easily fit inside one's suitcase and can be brought out at any moment to stow leftovers. Small collapsible coolers have even been used to replace cumbersome metal lunch boxes children take to school. The kids can fold their coolers up and place them in their bags once lunch is over.

The downside to using collapsible coolers is that hard blows and falls from high places may damage their contents. Unless their contents are packaged in non-breakable containers, these coolers should not be treated roughly. Weight can also be an issue, especially if the sides of the cooler are not strong enough to endure heavy cans and containers.

Features to Make Collapsible Coolers More Efficient

Transporting coolers can be difficult without the proper carrying straps. Many collapsible coolers can be purchased with adjustable shoulder straps, as well as bottom wheels and telescoping handles. In addition, some fabric coolers come with multiple or outside zipper pockets and mesh sleeves to hold utensils, napkins, and any other small accessory items.

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