Commercial Outdoor Bench

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Commercial outdoor benches must deliver on a few key criteria. First of all, they must be durable. If they're not, there's no reason to go any further. What's the point of purchasing a piece of commercial outdoor furniture that won't hold up to normal usage?

Second, a commercial outdoor bench must, obviously, be able to withstand water. Rainfall will really do a number on certain types of otherwise resilient hardwoods. Thus it's important to make sure that the bench in question is made of wood that's not only durable, but waterproof as well.

More Commercial Outdoor Bench Basics

If you're not an expert on wood or benches, don't worry. Your research was already done for you, centuries ago, by the Dutch and the Indonesians. These people have perfected the use of one of the world's most durable, water-repellent and insect-repellent woods: teak.

Teak is the perfect material from which to manufacture commercial outdoor benches. It delivers on all points: durability, waterproofing, and insect repulsion. In fact, termites and other wood-eating bugs hate teak wood. As final proof of teak's excellence in all conditions, 100-year-old teak benches in London's Kew Gardens and Hyde Park are still serving the public to this day.

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