Commercial Park Bench

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Commercial park benches must be able to withstand prolonged use and abuse by masses of people. They must be able to also hold up to the elements. This includes periodic or prolonged onslaughts of rain, hail, snow, and blistering heat.

In addition, commercial park benches should also be attractive. Finally, they must be comfortable to the human form. It seems like a tall order. From what material can we construct commercial outdoor furniture to satisfy all of these requirements?

The Answer to Commercial Park Benches

I'll give you an answer, though at first it may seem unlikely: teak benches. Teak is no ordinary hardwood. It's been used for centuries, from the ancient outdoor shrines of Indonesia to the building of ships by the Dutch traders.

More direct examples are the beautiful teak park benches in London. In the neighborhoods of Hyde Park and Kew Gardens, teak commercial park benches have been there for more than 100 years. For all these years, they have withstood crowds and London's notoriously freezing, wet weather ... and remain to this day, unscathed.

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