Compact Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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The first officially "compact" chair was patented on July 7, 1911. On this day, Nathaniel Alexander of Lynchburg, Virginia offered his invention of a folding chair to the people of the United States. It was designed to be used in areas like churches, auditoriums, and schools and even featured a book rest for the person sitting behind the chair to use.

Compact chairs are extremely handy to have around, especially in large-crowd situations. They can be kept in storage for long periods of time and brought out any time they are needed. Many companies (like catering businesses, hotels, theaters, and political organizations) use them all the time to seat large groups of people, even without a lot of warning ahead of time.

Of course, the true benefit to compact chairs is the ability to stack or lean them together within a minimum amount of space. Most modern foldable chairs are even built with special locking mechanisms to aid in keeping them stationary within the stack. These folded stacks can then be lifted by machine or by hand into truck beds for easy travel, or into boxes for long-term storage.

Portable Compact Chairs for Camping and Other Activities

Some compact chairs can be folded and rolled into a bag for easy carrying purposes. These can be brought to sports events, to long lines at ticket counters, on camping trips, and for sunny days by the beach. They make great gifts and can be kept in the back seat of a car or camper for any event. However, they must be taken care of over the years, as they will fall apart with rough treatment.

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