Copper Bird Baths

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are stuck on ideas to brighten up your garden, you may wish to consider copper bird baths. On their own, they make delightful decorative additions to a patio or backyard. Add the natural beauty and melody of local birds, and you have a miniature bird sanctuary near your own home!

The placement of copper bird baths is essential to both the aesthetic look and the health of the birds that will come to visit. A good area is one that is within view of things or amongst a nice cover of bushes or shrubs. This will create an inviting, natural place for birds to perch and will be out of the way of guests and children.

The Care of Copper Bird Baths

Sometimes bird baths are difficult to clean if placed under a tree or overhanging bush because of fallen leaves, so be sure to take this into account. Do not use harsh chemicals or soaps on the bath, as these cleaning materials can be harmful to the copper finish. They can also be toxic to birds and other wildlife if not completely rinsed off.

If they are unfinished, most copper bird baths experience a change in color over the years called "verdigris." This term refers to a green patina (or crust) made up of copper sulfate or chloride which forms over copper after exposure to air or sea-water. Some people enjoy the aged green color to contrast the bright copper sheen, while others take care to wash the metal and keep it young and fresh.

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