Copper Bird Feeders

Written by Sierra Rein
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Copper bird feeders are some of the most popular items used to bring wild birds into the front or back yard. Stylish and practical, they are the favorite of many garden designers and come in a large array of different styles and shapes. Some prefer the gazebo-shaped feeders, while others enjoy the simple cylindrical hanging style.

One danger to purchasing any bird feeder is the invasion by other wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, and other unwanted animals. Some copper bird feeders provide wire caging that protects the seed from larger animals, yet provides easy access to the birds. If a homeowner wishes to provide feed, such as peanuts and dried fruit, to other animals, she can do so with a separate feeder.

Another essential element to most copper bird feeders is that they be made with no finish on the inside of the feeding container. Finishes can be toxic to birds and can build up in their systems over time to result in liver and kidney failure. Improperly maintaining a bird feeder can lead to paralysis and death, so make sure you understand which bird feeders are made to be utilized and which are merely decorative.

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance of Copper Bird Feeders

Because copper metals change green with exposure to air and sea-water, it is important to clean them every few months to keep their sheen. Use a rough brush or sponge and a non-toxic soap, and make sure to rinse off the feeder on all sides. If you enjoy the look of the green chemical reaction, simply make sure to rinse off any extra feed and wash any glass panes that may be dirty.

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