Copper Birdhouses

Written by Sierra Rein
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Families love to install copper birdhouses in their patio or backyard area. These small copper housing units, hung on a porch or an outside tree, can instantly transform a home into a bird-watching facility. From the kitchen table, a young child can watch and learn about birds and get a larger appreciation for nature.

A family can also be proud knowing that these houses, like their own, protect local birds from the weather and from dangerous predators. Copper birdhouses do very well in many different types of weather patterns, making copper one of the most attractive metals to hang outside. They can also be used as decorative touches in indoor rooms as well.

It is important to stock copper birdhouses with the right amount and type of feed for the local wildlife in your specific area. A search on the Internet, or a discussion with your local pet store owner, may clue you in on what types of grain will attract birds. The most popular types of feed are millet seeds, safflower seeds, cornmeal and some types of nectars for hummingbirds.

Maintaining Copper Birdhouses All Year Long

Copper metal can turn green after a long exposure to air and sea-water (a process call verdigris). Some people enjoy this unique color on their copper, while others prefer to wash their copper birdbaths every once in a while with a non-toxic soap scrub. This is a particularly effective if the birdbaths are utilized as feeders and may be covered in biodegradable food and sticky nectar products.

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