Copper Planters

Written by Sierra Rein
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For any home or outside garden, the addition of copper planters is a very welcome sight. Copper, whether bright, burnished or green with age, always invokes a timeless and classic air. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are a favorite of artisans.

Most copper planters are simple, as the natural beauty of the metal seems to shine through even the most elementary of lines. They are very good touches in modern home and backyard designs, and are particularly effective in Romanesque or Greek-inspired landscapes. Some copper planters are delicately scoured or hammered to create a wonderfully rustic look.

Accessories to Copper Planters

If you are interested in taking advantage of everything a planter has to offer, you may wish to purchase a few accessorizing pieces. These can include plastic inserts that keep the inside of the planter clean. One can also include copper drip plates to place underneath the planter that keep the patio or floor dry and unmarred by water stains.

Another popular accessory is a party tub planter. This is a two-tiered piece that contains a copper tub on top, perfect for holding ice and bottled drinks, and a lower copper tray below. One can place a beautiful plant on the lower tier as a decorative touch, or place any number of utensils, glasses, drinks and other party supplies below.

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