Copper Watering Cans

Written by Sierra Rein
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There is a multitude of decorative and functional uses for copper watering cans. Of course, the first instinct is to fill one up with water and go looking for thirsty plants. In addition to this simple use, copper watering cans could also be utilized as decorative accents to kitchens, in hallways, on shelves or outside garden areas.

Some watering cans, especially larger ones, can even be made into planters. Copper cans are particularly effective if planted with a hanging vine, as the green leaves will hang over the edges to contrast beautifully with the bright gold metal sheen. Fitted with colorful flowers, they are the perfect accent pieces for any country kitchen or dining room table.

Over time, copper watering cans will develop a layer of patina over their surfaces. This is a natural process that occurs after a substantial period of time and use. The patina on copper is of a greenish hue and is considered a classic look by many designers and decor experts.

Buying Quality Copper Watering Cans

If you wish to utilize your copper can for the above purposes, make sure it is made of high quality metal and is water-tight. If you wish to hang it from the ceiling, test the strength of the handle or ask the manufacturer regarding how tough the design is. That way, you will know in advance how many different design options you have with your purchase.

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