Deck Planters

Written by Sierra Rein
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Deck planters are the perfect accessories to increase flower and plant visibility on a patio or wooden entertainment area. They are incredibly versatile and easy to incorporate into any design plan. In fact, they allow a home or business owner to organize plants and flowers without becoming limited to the yard's ground space.

There are an almost limitless array of colors and forms of deck planters. The simplest ones are either made of plastic or wood and are built to contain pre-potted plants. Others, such as resin-molded or hand-crafted stone ones can also be found in a variety of decorative themes and designs.

Your choice of deck planters will depend on the types of flowers and plants you wish to include. Larger ones should be bought for trees, tall cacti and shrubbery while little ones can handle smaller varieties of flowers. If you are interested in planting climbing vines, make sure the planters you look at include an attached wooden trellis.

Unique Deck Planters Spice up Any Entertaining Area

If the normal circular or square deck planter seems a bit tame, you may wish to look into specialty planters. The most popular style is the wheelbarrow planter, which can sometimes be built to actually be wheeled from one area of the deck to another. Others can be hung from deck railings to save floor space and surround the eating or playing area with a warm and inviting lining of blossoms and green foliage.

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