Decorative Bird Feeders

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your home's backyard, one way is to include decorative bird feeders in your design plan. While simple, they provide grain and feed to the natural wildlife in the area and can enhance the overall beauty of the space. They are also very easy to maintain and simple to utilize.

Most decorative bird feeders take the shape of man-made houses and are beautiful in their own right. Some artisans have designed gazebo-like feeders that are quaint in appearance yet completely safe for birds to eat from. One can choose from elegant Victorian to completely modern, linear designs.

There are several safety considerations regarding decorative bird feeders, especially when it comes to how the feed is stored. The most effective feeders include feeding holes that are shielded from outside wind and rain and which prevent the seed from being wasted. Some rims along the bottom of feeders have drainage holes to reduce the chance of soggy grain as well.

Standing Decorative Bird Feeders

In addition to the hanging bird feeder design, feeders built like small houses perched on tall stands will provide birds with food and excellent protection from ground predators. This design can be staked into the garden lawn or screwed into a wooden patio floor. It is perfect for outdoor areas with no practical hanging options, or for designers who wish to include a unique and less traditional backyard touch.q

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