Double Folding Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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The main difference between single folding chairs and double folding chairs is the number of seating areas available in one chair. Double folding chairs have two seating areas and can be compressed into a carrying bag only slightly larger than regular portable chairs. They are also a bit heavier than single folding chairs; the average double folding chair may weigh 17 pounds compared to the single-sized, 11 to 15 pound weight.

Double folding chairs usually come with the same features and amenities that single ones do. These can include side or back pockets for storing magazines and bug sprays, as well as armrests with cup holders to fit any cup size. However, because the length of the horizontal frame is usually difficult to manage, most double folding chairs do not come with attaching foot-rests and head-rests.

Some outdoor furniture stores offer single folding chairs that can be converted into double folding chairs. With the help of interlocking mechanisms or inserted pieces, two chairs can snap into each other to create a portable loveseat made for two. These are ideal for couples, people of wider girth or those who wish to stretch out horizontally for a nice rest or nap in the sun.

Beyond Double Folding Chairs

In addition to double folding chairs, some manufacturers also design and make triple or even quadruple-seat chairs. These are wonderful for large families or outdoor enthusiasts who wish to give their guests a more comfortable place to sit while lounging in the backyard or by the campfire. Made of the same materials as regular folding chairs and slightly heavier to carry (at an average of 22 pounds), these chairs are usually able to hold up to 900 to 1,000 pounds.

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