Fireplace Log Holders

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Outdoor fires are great to gather around all year long. If you use an outdoor fireplace regularly, you need a place to keep your logs. You may also have an outdoor campfire ring. Perhaps you even made your own from rocks. Either way, you can benefit from using fireplace log holders.

Benefits of Fireplace Log Holders

It's smart to keep logs in one place. That way, you know when you are low and can keep the supply well stocked. Fireplace logs really need a holder so they will stay fresh and dry. If logs are left on the ground, they can get infested with insects. While they might still burn, no one really wants to pick up a load of bugs with their log. Wet logs are also harder to use.

If you have any type of outdoor fire place, you'll want to invest in fireplace log holders. Suede log carriers will allow you to transport the wood from the pile to the pit without having to touch it. Some wood carts even have wheels for moving it right to the fire and for putting it out of the way when the fire pit isn't in use.

Log Holder Styles

Log holders come in a vast variety of styles and sizes to best fit your needs. Anything from split top wood holders, to forged iron are available. Old fashioned or modern styles are easy to find. We even found an interesting one that is shaped like the Golden Gate Bridge.

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