Fireplace Tool Sets

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Having a fireplace is one of those items that makes a home complete. When we were looking for our current home, it was one of the must have features on our list. Both my wife and I grew up with fireplaces in our homes, and both our families used them often. We wanted to be able to recapture that charm and comfort that only a fireplace can bring.

Buying Fireplace Tool Sets

A fireplace is no easy undertaking if you are going to actually be using it for the purpose for which it was intended (and not just as an excuse to have a mantle.) Fireplace tool sets are available that provide all the necessary elements in starting successful fires in your home. (Wait ... that didn't sound right ... well, you know what I mean.)

What You'll Need

Here are the essentials: Pokers for stoking the fire. Grates for protection to keep burning items from going where they shouldn't. Match holders for, well, holding matches. Chimney fans for venting smoke. Wood carriers for lugging wood back and forth from the woodpile to your fireplace.

Another important item in fireplace tool sets is having a wood rack for an outdoor woodpile. A wood rack keeps the wood off the ground so the insects have a tougher time getting to it. There's nothing worse than bringing in wood for the fire, and bringing in unwanted guests along with it.

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