Folding Chair Slip Covers

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are two different types of folding chair slip covers. The first are merely decorative in nature and are meant to make the chairs more attractive. These can be utilized to match already existing outdoor furniture covers and to create a more inviting picture.

The other type of slip cover is more functional in nature and is designed to protect the folding chairs from the outdoor environment. Made of waterproof fabrics, these slip covers block the rusting and staining effects of rain, snow, hail, sap, dirt and leaves. Luckily, many of these slip covers also come in designer colors and patterns, so they can be used in decorative ways as well.

Folding chair slip covers usually come in a standard size that fits most wooden or metal folding chairs. The standard size includes chairs with square or curved backs measuring up to 28 inches in height. The slip covers are usually made to attach to the chair's back and legs using inside ties or small elastic cords.

Other Types of Folding Chair Slip Covers

Some slip covers are made especially for businesses, schools, athletic teams and other institutions that wish to provide products. These slip covers feature embroidered logos and are usually shaped to fit just over the back of any normal-sized folding chair. They can be sold at games, given out as corporate gifts, or individually ordered for weddings, festivals or other specialized events.

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