Foosball Tables

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Foosball is essentially table soccer, in the same way ping-pong is table tennis. Hard-core foosball players, or "foosers" take the game seriously, so there are a lot of options when you're looking for a foosball table. It can be confusing. For example, some tables are made in an American style that lets the ball move hard and fast, others are made in a French clay court style that hosts a cork ball and is ultimately more controllable.

Look Before You Leap

Be careful when you purchase foosball tables. It's definitely fun to play, but just like air hockey and other arcade-style games, the novelty could wear off, then you just have another big table to pile things on. Make sure you can afford, have the space for, and want a football table before you get one.

Don't just buy the cheapest foosball tables you can find. If I can find a high dollar item for a few hundred dollars, I think I'm getting a great deal, but foosball tables are not equal. A cheap foosball table generally not very well made, which makes it difficult to control the ball. Players end up just spinning. That kind of futility gets old fast.

Foosball Players

Soon, nobody wants to play, and, if you're like me, you'll just end up storing things on the table, and it just becomes a mess. While you definitely want to get the best deal you can, take some time to also look for the best table you can get. Get one that you, your friends, and family can use to hone their skills. As players get better, they need a table that can allow them to control the ball and pick up speed.

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