Garden Furniture

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Garden furniture is one of the most overlooked categories of home furnishings. People have a tendency to put furniture into two camps: "serious" indoor furniture, and throwaway outdoor furniture. This is a terrible homemaking and entertaining sin. Outdoor furniture should never be an afterthought!

This lax attitude is an injustice to all the wonderful garden furniture that does exist out there. Craftsmen all over the world are making the most breathtaking patio sets, benches, and loungers to beautify our yards. Plus, these pieces of furniture are truly delightful to relax in.

Shopping Wisely for Garden Furniture

In addition, by settling for cheap, factory-made outdoor furniture, we end up doing ourselves a disservice. We may think we're saving money by buying plastic patio furniture. After all, plastic only costs a fraction of the cost of fine hard woods.

However, I'm here to tell you that, by the time you pay the price in breakage, loss, discomfort, and just plain ugliness, the "savings" will evaporate. It's far better to invest in beautiful, high-quality hardwood garden furniture that will last you years without wear or tear. Then you'll really see who comes out ahead!

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