Garden Lanterns

Written by Sierra Rein
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For a touch of elegance, garden lanterns are the perfect solution to any outdoor lighting issues. Placed around eating areas, along garden paths or near entrances, a lanterns can add practical illumination. They can also add welcome ambient and accent lighting perfect for any garden design.

The most popular garden lanterns are shaped like the old Victorian gas lamps of London, and can be purchased in a variety of colors and heights. Some can be hung from curved metal stakes installed directly into the soil or from hooks built into a surrounding wooden fence. Others are permanently fixed to the tops of old-fashioned light poles and are perfect for larger deck and patio areas.

The trick to designing with light, especially in a garden, is to recognize the best places to put lights and where to intelligently leave shadows. For example, safety around stairs, deck edges and near doorways should be the first consideration. Start with larger garden lanterns to illuminate large eating, barbecuing and dancing spaces and then begin to think about accent lights.

Special Places to Put Accent Garden Lanterns

Small accent lanterns can be placed in a variety of unique areas, especially if there is a beautiful fountain, lawn ornament or romantic sitting area to highlight. Wooden fences can be particularly beautiful at night if decorated with a few wall lanterns hung at equidistant areas along the way, while blooming bushes and flowers can look exotic with a few lights nestled among them. There are a variety of different light colors to choose from, too, including bright white, low amber, red and orange.

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