Garden Umbrellas

Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to providing welcome shade and protection from sun and rain, garden umbrellas are ideal. They are great for parties, outdoor meetings and quality time spent out of doors. The placement of an umbrella can arise out of practical needs or be based on unique personal design concepts.

The best garden umbrellas are made of high-quality, durable polyester canvas. Due to their rust-proof nature, aluminum poles are the best for the basic frame. Some umbrella staffs can be installed into center holes pre-cut into garden tables, while others can be fitted into stand-alone bases.

One fun idea is to treat garden umbrellas like beach-style ones. If there is a nice lawn area in your backyard, simply open a large canvas umbrella and place it on its side near this area. You can enjoy the natural lawn area in cool, soothing shade.

Garden Furniture and Matching Garden Umbrellas

Some furniture stores offer the option of including a garden umbrella with an order of a table and set of matching chairs. However, for owners who already own a patio furniture set, it is still relatively easy to find outside sources to purchase garden umbrellas in matching colors. A classic white or sky blue canopy is always a good option if you cannot find an exact color match.

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