Gas Barbeques

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Although we ended up going with a more traditional charcoal barbeque for our home, we looked into gas barbeques as well. We found them to be very sleek and functional. Cooking on them is much easier than with charcoal too. It's just like having a gas oven in your own backyard.

Gas Barbeques: Now You're Cooking

Propane and natural gas are the main types of gas barbeques. Natural gas type barbeques will use a gas line attached directly to the grill. This kind is best when buying a home that already has such a barbeque. Natural gas type barbeques must, by their very nature, be built in barbeques that aren't portable. Installing one, although well worth the effort, is a bit more of a hassle.

Propane barbeques are portable, using propane tanks to fuel the flames. The only problem with propane is, you do have to buy those large, heavy tanks. With a natural gas barbeque, you don't. How important is barbeque portability for you? That's one of the things you have to consider when going with a gas style barbeque.

Weighing the Options

Gas style barbeques definitely have their benefits. They are safer, easier to use, and much more convenient than a more traditional charcoal barbeque. Some even use charcoal to give food that outdoor barbeque flavor, and simply use the gas to heat the coals.

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