Hammock Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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Hammock chairs are great alternatives to the more traditional rope or canvas hammock. They are the favorites of designers, families and campers as they can be instantly placed in a garden or campground with little or no effort. Instead of two sturdy support beams, a hammock chair has to only rely on one.

Most hammock chairs hang from a single rope and utilize a number of secondary sticks from which to hang arm and footrests. They can be rolled up into tight balls and fitted into tote bags for easy transport and may include such designer accessories as cup holders and inflatable pillows. Some outdoor hikers and light-weight campers even enjoy utilizing full-strength nylon hanging chairs as their nightly sleeping quarters!

In addition to outdoor areas, hammock chairs can be placed in children's rooms, family rooms, in indoor greenhouses and casual living rooms. They are incredibly easy to install and require only one well-placed, sturdy hook in the ceiling. If there are any concerns with overt swinging distances, separate ropes can be attached to the sides of walls to prevent kids from knocking into things.

Stylish Hammock Chairs for that Elegant Feel

Hammock chairs can be beautiful as well as practical. Some white hand-woven rope chairs invoke a classic air of style and sophistication in addition to being incredibly comfortable and easy to clean. Designer colors and patterns can be chosen to contrast or complement the sitting area, while matching tables can sit conveniently nearby.

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