Hanging Hammocks

Written by Sierra Rein
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Of all the different types of garden furniture in the world, hanging hammocks are perhaps the most welcome. Kids and parents alike enjoy relaxing and playing in them, while party guests can kick up their heels and take a load off their mind with friends and relatives. There are many different styles of hammocks to choose from in addition to a multitude of unique cloth designs and colors.

Basic hanging hammocks are like human-sized nets that are hung from opposing tree branches, from the side of a house, or from a pre-built metal hammock frame. They can be made of either a mesh netting or a sturdy canvas cloth capable of withstanding the weight of a 200 pound person. Strong rope at either end allows the hammock to be attached to the aforementioned supports.

Like other types of deck chairs and table umbrellas, hanging hammocks can be bought in a variety of different colors and patterns. They can be found in unfinished cloth or in a weatherproof canvas that can be cleaned with soap and water. The choice of color will depend on the personal preference of the garden's designer, who may choose to pick a color that either contrasts sharply with the surroundings, complements a few accent colors already in place, or blends into the background in a seamless manner.

Sitting-Style Hanging Hammocks

Another popular modern style is the hanging chair, a type of hammock which utilizes a single length of rope attached to a tree branch. Sometimes, these hanging hammocks come with matching arm and footrests, inflatable headrests, and can be easily folded up and carried from one place to another. These are very popular with campers and hikers who may choose to use them as outside sleeping apparatuses.

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