Heavy Duty Folding Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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The most important aspect of any heavy duty folding chair is how much weight it can endure. This depends largely upon the type of metal used and whether the frame is specifically designed to distribute weight effectively. It also relies on the tensile strength of the chair fabric itself, as well as the quality of any important stitches.

What Makes Heavy Duty Folding Chairs So "Heavy"?

Some heavy duty folding chairs can support the weight of up to 800 pounds. They include strength in the arm rests for individuals who need extra support when getting out of the chair. These chairs are perfect for tall and large people who have difficulties with insecure seating arrangements. In addition, by bringing their own chairs, these individuals can avoid the embarrassment caused whenever a weaker chair is broken under their weight.

Heavy duty folding chairs come in many shapes and sizes. Some even come in sofa-sized, double or triple occupancy seating areas. These are great for entire families to sit on next to the pool, or for someone to take a nap while resting in the campground. On the other hand, smaller chairs that hold at least 350 pounds can also be found; these are great to carry to movies, to the mall, or to any location where long lines or a lot of walking may take place.

When choosing a reinforced folding chair, it is important not to mistake the amount the chair weighs for the amount of weight it can carry. Today's modern high tensile steel is strong enough to support a lot of weight, but is lightweight itself. A heavy duty folding chair must still be conveyable for the average person, and light enough to carry from the car to the stadium and back.

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