Indoor Teak Furniture

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Indoor teak furniture is a centuries-old tradition. Chairs, tables, and chests dating hundreds of years are treasured among the classics in antique furniture. The high regard for teak throughout the millennium is a testament to the remarkable qualities of this very special wood.

For one thing, teak is simply beautiful. Left untreated, it is a thing to admire in itself. When stains, bleaches, and polishes are applied, teak wood takes on entirely delightful tones and lustres.

More about Indoor Teak Furniture

Teak is also one of the sturdiest woods on the planet. This has to do with its highly unusual composition. Teak is actually partially composed of rubber and oil! Yes, it's strange but true. These substances give indoor teak furniture its cherished denseness and water-repellent properties.

These properties have made teak famous for its ability to withstand drastic climate changes. All over the world, from the highest mountain peaks in Asia, to the dampness of London, to the dry heat of the Arizona desert, indoor teak furniture maintains its integrity without ever warping, cracking, or splitting.

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