Insect Killers

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Summer means fun outdoor parties and barbecues, but it also means bugs. Mosquitoes come out in full force when it gets hot. Luckily, there are all kinds of insect killers. They run the gamut from citronella candles that can cost less than ten dollars, to electric power zappers that can cost several hundred dollars.

Insect Killers: Keeping the Party Going

Few things stop an outdoor party faster than itchy guests. I had that problem for years before I invested in a good bug zapper. I used to light citronella candles, and they worked for a little while, but they never seemed to adequately get the job done. Plus, if a slight wind blew up, out goes the bug killers.

The most effective kinds of insect killers are electric. Though pricey, these can be a really good investment. An 80-watt power electronic insect killer can kill bugs within a twelve hundred square foot area. That may be all the power an average backyard will ever need. You might even be helping the neighbors with their bug problem.

Maximum Killing Power

There is another electronic insect killer that uses one hundred and twenty watts. It can kill bugs for two acres. That's a lot of power. Choose the best one based on the area you need to be bug-free. At least with the electrical insect killer, you don't have to worry about candles blowing out. You just plug it in and enjoy your patio.

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