Insulated Bags

Written by Sierra Rein
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To keep food and beverages at their ideal temperatures, most professionals use insulated bags. These are also utilized for a number of consumer products, including collapsible coolers, lunch boxes, and other food storage items. Their purpose is to minimize the transference of heat from the food to the outside environment, or vice-versa.

Insulated bags are often used to give lunch boxes an extra added layer of protection. They can keep drinks colder when exposed to warm weather. Many times, these bags are either padded with extra layers of insulation or made rigid to prevent the food from being damaged in any way.

How to Choose Insulated Bags

When purchasing an insulated bag, there are a few considerations to take into account. The bag should be chosen based upon the limitations of the storage space one has and for the amount of food needed to be insulated. Make sure the bag can be fully closed so outside air does not affect the inside temperature.

Another thing to think about when purchasing insulated bags is how easy they are to clean. Most consumer bags should be able to be cleaned with a cloth and a bit of watered down antibacterial wash. However, harsh detergents must never be used, as harmful chemicals may find their way into the next batch of food.

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