Lawn Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is almost impossible to think of outdoor American barbecues, beach vacations, and poolside visits without thinking of lawn chairs. These durable and foldable pieces of furniture are almost indispensable to vacation resorts and residents in warmer locations who wish to take advantage of sun and heat. They are also very handy to bring along on camping trips in order to sit comfortably around the campfire.

The first internationally recognized "lawn chair" was the wood Adirondack chair. Made over 100 years ago, the Adirondack chair has large armrests, a curved back, and a comfortable seat cushion. They gained popularity in the Adirondack region of eastern North America, and can now be seen in beachfront homes across the globe.

Other types of traditional lawn chairs are made of stainless steel frames and are fitted with either plastic or canvas seats and backing support. The classic lawn chair features plastic tubing (or strips of coated fabric) woven into a decorative pattern and sewn onto the frame itself. This chair model can be folded into a flat shape and either stacked with other chairs or stored individually against a wall or on the floor.

Lawn Chairs in the Modern World

In recent years, lawn chair design has taken a leap forward into both customer comfort and portability. Today, lawn chairs come in all shapes and sizes, including "L"-shaped sling chairs made from a piece of canvas hung by a folding frame. These often come with inflatable headrests, footrests, and cup holders and can be folded into a tight cylinder and slid into a carrying bag.

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