Mini Refrigerators

Written by Michael O'Brien
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The best trick I ever learned about our patio was to use a mini refrigerator. I spent years using ice and coolers to chill our drinks. Looking back, that just seems like a waste of time and energy. With a mini refrigerator, our food and drinks are cold whenever we're ready for them.

Mini Refrigerators: A Smart Alternative

The problem with coolers is the maintenance. If ice is left in for too long, it can get slimy. I've also found that when I try to cool food in an ice chest, it can work its way out of the package and deteriorate in the water. That can get rather gross.
Convenient Cooling

Mini refrigerators are a great convenience. They hold lots of soft drinks for the kids and bar drinks for the adults. The great thing is that I don't have to dump out the melted ice when the party is over. The top of the refrigerator makes a handy shelf, also.

You can buy mini refrigerators, also called office refrigerators, at office supply stores. You can also buy them online. Most of them cost less than a hundred dollars, and it is fairly inexpensive to run one. Just plug it into an outdoor wall socket and you're ready to go.

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