Office Refrigerators

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There's no need to be roughing it when you're out on the back deck. I spent years trying to find the best way to keep drinks cold outside. I went through a lot of styro-foam, and then moved on to plastic coolers. Some look neat, and even have wheels, but you still have to clean them regularly or they get pretty gross.

Coolers Aren't Cool

First, coolers are not terribly convenient, as you have to buy ice. For some reason, with all the planning that goes into entertaining, no one seems to remember to buy ice. Of course, along with the ice, you have to remember to cool the drinks ahead of time. I don't appreciate having a lot of last minute fixes when company is on its way.

Voila: Office Refrigerators

For my family, the answer was in office refrigerators. They take up such little space, and they hold a lot, depending on the size you get. I also found I can use the top of the office refrigerators as a table top. At our last gathering, it made a convenient buffet.

I can keep drinks in the little refrigerator all the time, so they're always cool when we're ready to have fun. If I want to keep things like cheese cool, it won't have to mix with any water. It plugs right into our outside electrical outlet, and doesn't cost much to run. It was such an easy fix to so many problems.

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