Outdoor Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you have a love of camping or pride in a large backyard, chances are you will wish to purchase a few outdoor chairs. These will allow you to enjoy the beauty found in nature while remaining seated comfortably and safely. There are many different types of outdoor chairs, from portable folding chairs to full sets of wicker patio and wrought iron chairs.

The most important aspect of any piece of outdoor furniture is how it functions in its environment. Permanent outdoor chairs should be sturdy and made of a weather-resistant material, while outdoor dining chairs should be lightweight and easy to move around the lawn or patio. On the other hand, the chairs are for a large party, reception, outdoor meeting or wedding, cheap and foldable metal or plastic chairs are the most affordable.

Where to Place Outdoor Chairs

When camping, it is best to place the chairs upwind of any fire pit but close enough for the seated individual to enjoy the flames. Wind can sometimes pick up embers and toss them onto the chairs, causing unfortunate fires to occur. It is incredibly important to choose outdoor chairs that are made of fireproof fabrics.

This is also true for chairs in backyards and lawns when placed next to barbecue pits, Tiki lamps and candles. Damage from rain, hail and snow can also cause rust, stains, and holes to appear even in high quality outdoor chairs. When not in use, these chairs should be placed in a dry, clean place or covered with strong, weatherproof slip covers.

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