Outdoor Garden Fountains

Written by Sierra Rein
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Of all backyard decorations, outdoor garden fountains are considered the most beautiful and decadent. There are hundreds of styles and water flow options to choose from. Your choice depends on your overall style and the ability to properly install from a flowing water source.

The easiest outdoor garden fountains to place in a garden are stand-alone units that require only a 110V water pump. The most popular are double or triple-tiered circular or square fountains. Others are built flat enough to be installed onto a wall, allowing the water to trickle into a container below without taking up too much room.

Outdoor garden fountains are perfect for either centerpieces or as delicate touches in special areas. They are great for meditation or reading areas, as they can create a lovely, soothing sound when plugged in.

Accessorize Outdoor Garden Fountains!

Some homeowners enjoy adding a few special touches to their fountains, like accent lights for nighttime parties. Others may put a few bird-houses or bird-feeders nearby to attract local feathered friends to partake in the water. Some fountains are actually designed to double as birdbaths, and can be easily cleaned with simple soap and water.

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