Outdoor Patio Heaters

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There is no need to stop enjoying your outdoor area just because the weather has turned cool. Some of my family's best memories are of outdoor gatherings in the off season. Outdoor patio heaters are a good investment. That way, you get to have fun outside even if the weather won't cooperate.

Choosing Outdoor Patio Heaters

There are many types of outdoor patio heaters. Some are the streetlight style that stand upright. These are the kind you may have seen in restaurants. They heat an area about 20 feet around. Smaller, table top sized heaters are also available if you aren't looking to warm the entire yard.

Kerosene, propane, electric: these are some of the types of power that different heaters use to warm things up. Others even use batteries or quartz. Electric or battery powered heaters are much cleaner than ones that burn propane or kerosene. They are also much safer, even if it does take a little longer to warm them up.

Warm Thoughts

Our outdoor heater was a great idea. You never even notice how cold it is outside when you have one of those little modern wonders running. People can enjoy the party and be perfectly comfortable. The benefits of our heater more than offset the cost.

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