Outdoor Planter Boxes

Written by Sierra Rein
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When speaking of versatile ways to liven up a yard or patio area, utilizing outdoor planter boxes is perhaps the easiest and most creative method. These boxes, traditionally made out of wood, can be placed in a variety of different areas and can be used to either house a layer of dirt or a set of smaller pots.

The best places to put outdoor planter boxes are around the edges of a gathering place, or flanking either side of an entrance. They can be placed as center pieces on outside deck tables, and can delineate seating spaces between chairs and lawn sofas. Some garden designers also enjoy hanging planter boxes from deck railings as a decorative way to display flowers in a space-saving fashion.

Outdoor planter boxes are also great for the front yard to line pathways and fences. When painted bright or interesting colors, they can become a design element in and of themselves, and can add a splash of contrasting or highlight color. Don't forget that desert plants such as cacti can also be planted in boxes too!

Types and Styles of Outdoor Planter Boxes

The most traditional style of a planter box is a four-sided wooden rectangle which is deep enough to handle an average plant's root length. However, one can find square and curved boxes made out of lead, stone, decorated cement and ceramic. When planning your outdoor garden, use your imagination and consider taking a chance with unique metals, designs, colors and textures in your choice of planter boxes.

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