Outdoor Pool Tables

Written by Michael O'Brien
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I never thought we'd be able to play pool right by our swimming pool. I didn't even know someone made outdoor pool tables. Luckily, they do. Now I know first-hand that nothing makes billiards more fun than getting to play outdoors.

Outdoor Pool Tables Care

You definitely want to cover them up in bad weather, but they're surprisingly durable. They don't warp or fade, even though they're outside. They've got a tough, waterproof exterior. It's one less thing to worry about.

On the rare occasions when we entertain, but don't play pool, I pop a top on the pool table and use it as a buffet table. We even hosted Thanksgiving outside one year. I would never have had that much table space inside.

Finding Fun

Outdoor pool tables are available at home improvement and sporting good stores. These stores can be overwhelmingly huge, and you're stuck with hauling the table home. I find the easiest way to shop is on the internet.

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