Patio Fire Pit

Written by Sierra Rein
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Nothing is quite as entertaining for a family night or party as a patio fire pit. Sitting around a roaring blaze and talking about recent events is indeed a very enjoyable pastime for many people. During summer nights, a fire pit can be a lovely source of ambient light, while in wintertime it can be a much-appreciated source for heat.

Some patio fire pit designs include built-in grilling rocks for outside barbecues. Many are self-contained and made out of high industrial steel. Others include wheels so they can be moved from one patio area to another and then safely locked into place.

It is important to purchase a patio fire pit that is easy to maintain and safe to use around children. Make sure there is a simple way to dispose of ashes that does not put the owner at risk of dust and smoke inhalation. Finally, educate the entire household on the proper respect and usage of the fire pit, and keep an eye out while it is lit at all times.

Where to Safely Place Your Patio Fire Pit

You will want to put the fire pit in an area far away from flammable materials such as dry brush and hanging branches. Ideally, a flooring of concrete or sand is best. If you live in a windy area, put the pit in a secluded place to the lee of the wind to prevent airborne ash.

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