Patio Furniture Cushions

Written by Michael O'Brien
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There are numerous choices in decorating when it comes to patio furniture cushions. Not only do they make sitting more comfortable, they can really spruce up the patio. The trick is in finding the right look that will last as well.

Patio Furniture Cushions: Comfort for the Outdoors

The kind of seat cushions you would use for an indoor chair simply won't work on a piece of outdoor patio furniture. Outdoor patio furniture cushions need to be water proof and weather resistant. They also need to be durable. Elements aren't the only harsh conditions they will have to deal with. Our kids are testament to that.

Furniture cushions are also essential when it comes to certain patio furnishing types. Wrought iron patio furniture for example absolutely has to have cushions in order to make it comfortable. Such cushions come in custom fit styles or are universal. (One type fits all.) It is probably best to look for furniture that has the cushions included, and that has a good replacement policy should anything happen to them.

Sit Down and Take a Load Off

Outdoor furniture cushions also allow for quite a bit of diversity when it comes to furniture types as well. We have actually seen outdoor patio sofas made of wood or iron that use big cushions. A that point, it's like having a living room in your backyard.

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