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Written by Sierra Rein
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Most professional decor designers understand that the choice in patio furniture requires an understanding of color, shape and enthusiasm for the great outdoors. After all, the patio and deck area is considered an extension of indoor living. One must be able to integrate the furniture into the area to create an eye-catching, attractive and fun place to hang out in good weather.

When considering how many different accessories and types of patio furniture there is to choose from, it can be overwhelming to start. However, here are a few typical design tips that will help you on your way to creating the back or front yard patio of your dreams. These largely depend on what choice you make in utilizing the patio and what will be the main focus of entertainment.

Understanding the Great Outdoors

The type of patio furniture you buy may be determined by Mother Nature herself. Begin your design process by understanding the weather in your city, and take note how certain issues such as hot sun, rain, wind and snow affect your patio area. You can then purchase patio furniture like tables, chairs, awnings and benches to fit the specific weather patterns near you, such as an umbrella-fitted table set for the sun or waterproofed furniture for the rain.

Knowing how to take advantage of existing natural features is also incredibly invaluable to the design process. If there is a large tree or shrub that blocks the patio from wind and sun, consider placing a few wicker chairs underneath it for a cool alternative to getting wind-blown and sunburned. If there are a number of birds in the area, you may wish to include a lovely bird bath or feeder to encourage local wildlife to visit often.

Knowing how natural shrubs and flowers grow in your neighborhood may also inspire you to bring out your green thumb and include some planter boxes in the design. These are great if placed around the patio as a delicate border, or near entrances and exits to the patio or deck itself. Some planter boxes can be purchased to match nearby patio furniture pieces, or can be painted in unique solid colors or in daring splashes of color.

Popular Types of Patio Furniture

The challenge of purchasing good patio furniture is to find items that are weatherproof, easy to clean and manage, and attractive to the eye. Lesser quality furniture usually takes the form of metal or plastic chairs and tables. While these are easier to clean, they can rust and deteriorate over time and may not be aesthetically pleasing to some people.

If one wishes to provide beautiful and long-lasting patio furniture for one's family and friends, it is better to buy wicker or wooden furniture that has been treated with water and weatherproofing paint sealant. Many people who live in areas with many different weather patterns may also wish to purchase furniture covers for rainy or snowy seasons. If rope hammocks have been added to the decor, then a good storage bag should be a part of the shopping list.

Finally, be sure to add lovely finishing touches, such as nighttime lanterns, bistro sets, a small fire pit, or landscape lighting. These items, while small, can create a warmer, more inviting environment for family get-togethers, friendly parties or neighborhood meetings. Don't forget to include any backyard toys, decorative wind chimes or wind socks for that lively splash of fun!

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